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Social Networking Marketing 2011

What’s going on in Social Networks?

As a 12 veteran of internet business I can feel the tide changing like never before. Post 2007, it seemed we had very little choice for learning about topics. If we wanted to know more about the car we wanted to buy, a recipe for dinner or the hottest trends we would just Google it. Since the emergence of Facebook & Twitter the online marketing landscape changed dramatically. Basically, people have taken complete control over the internet, leaving no doubt who really drives the web.

How Big is Social Networking?

  1. 2011-02-09- In 2010 Facebook blew by the 3 major search engines for user engagement. In 2010 Facebook logged 49.4 billion minutes of user engagement, up 71% from the previous year. Source
  2. In 2011 Social ad spending on Facebook will account for almost 11% of all spending online. Source
  3. According to Hitwise Facebook is the busiest site on the internet as of 02/05/2011. Facebook is leading the pack by an ever increasing spread. Google is officially dethroned from the top position after about 12 years. Source

More Social Media Facts

Social Media and Your Business

Perhaps the biggest change is in the mindset of business owners and marketers. Many are only now realizing the opportunity for branding, building relationships, communicating and connecting to new prospects in social networks. For me, social networking is mostly pleasure but sometimes I get called upon to contribute with my expertise…which I gladly volunteer.

After spending a couple years in the social space there are many observations I have made along my journey. In this case study I present my findings using analytics and human interaction observance. My conclusion is it’s an amazing time to consider branding your business in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. I am not talking about spam…it’s about people, as you will discover after reading this case study.

Don’t Sell It, Sell You!

Who is wondering how to approach the social side of the Internet for business, put up your hand? There are millions of people out there everyday that legitimately need help and can’t seem to find it. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not like you are going to start interacting in a social network and start billing @ $150/hr … my fine lawyer friend. If you have spent any quality time in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube you know that it’s people helping people, laughing, criticizing, sharing in losses, etc. It’s really not much different than the way we all live our lives away from the screen. So, my first lesson learned was…If you march into a network and start shouting “buy me” it will bite you right in the behind. Marketing experts cannot help but see the huge potential, but sadly traditional marketers do not fair well in social networks. Later in this article I will explain why, but for now let’s try to tackle the marketer’s number one question.

How Can We Convert This Into Action?

This is not a straightforward question based on the research I have done and studied. What I am about to tell you is the easiest way I could possibly think of to answer the question in the heading. If you create too much HYPE it causes doubt & uncertainly. Generally, that scenario translates to NO ACTION taken! Moreover, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you that is influential. For better or worst the influencers in social networks carry allot of power. There has to be something in it for them to bless (endorse) your idea. I am not talking about $$, each influential person has a large group of followers that follow them for a reason. That means you need to spend time and understand who’s who. When you bring a business product into the social gates you are wide opened to complements, complaints and criticism. You better be there to discuss it or your name may become mud. It can be rewarding, enlightening, disappointing and great feedback from your market. If you have done your homework, the people that are looking at your idea already are interested in it.

Social Marketing Is In the Now

Your friends, family, prospects and clients are a part of this growing trend online. The newest influx of social networking sign ups is not teenagers; they are people in business and baby boomers. But don’t take my word for it; learn how to tap into the honest people online that are using social networks to solve problems.


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