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The 12 Dumbest Business Ideas Of All Time (That Made Millions)

Ever have an idea for a new product or service enter your mind and quickly dismiss it, thinking it’s a dumb idea? Let me tell you, you need to stop pushing those seemingly dumb ideas away. They could be worth millions.


Here are 12 of the dumbest business ideas of all time, which actually made millions:

1.   The Pet Rock. This has to have been one of the dumbest ideas ever, yet it took off like nobody could have imagined. Selling for around $4 per rock, small rocks were sold in cardboard pet carriers, leaving the company founder to have the last laugh as he carried millions off to the bank.


2.   Flowbee. A vacuum haircut. Really? Come on, you know someone was playing around with the vacuum attachments and got hooked, literally!


3.   Mood rings. Need confirmation about what type of mood someone is in? The mood ring had it covered, when it became a fad in the 1970s. The ring’s stone was made of materials that would change color according to the body heat it came in contact with.


4.   Snuggie. Being wrapped up in a blanket on the couch on a cold winter’s day wasn’t good enough. No, we needed it to have sleeves! Turns out the creator had an idea that got 25 million people to purchase blankets. Twenty-five million!


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