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Detailed News Around The World - Jornais do Mundo Inteiro em Uma Página

Newspapers24.com is your guide to all online newspapers from every country of world. Our mission is to provide you quick and free access to current local and global news, events and information from around the world. This free newspaper directory can help you read the news directly from the source and find sites you didn't know about.

"An excellent resource! Links to over ten thousand newspapers in, quick facts about, and a photo of nearly every nation and territory around the world." - The University Libraries of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

"Truly an amazing resource! 12,000 newspapers from around the world." - "Sir-Jaimes" (StumbleUpon).

"Here's an excellent source for news and stories from around the world. Newspapers24 has over 12.000 links to newspapers and online magazines in its archives. Don't limit your news consumption to US-papers only :)" - "Somehow" (StumbleUpon).

"Fascinating insight into other parts of the world - 12,000 online newspapers. - "Benaes" (StumbleUpon).

"All the news you can handle!! - "pheneghan" (StumbleUpon).

"An absolutely mindboggling resource! - "Sneakeasy" (StumbleUpon).

Data Organization

For your convenience and easy access we organize over 12,200 online newspapers by:

Geographic Locations
Regions (Europe, Africa, Asia & Pacific ...)
Countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Japan ...)
States/Provinces/Territories (New York, Florida, California, Ontario, England ...)
Cities - (World 400 Largest Cities)

Languages - (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese...)

Circulation - (World 100 Largest Newspapers)


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