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Online Community Software - Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers. More than 46,000 companies use Get Satisfaction to provide a more social support experience, build better products, increase SEO and improve customer loyalty.

Conversations are everywhere. Valuable conversations
are scarce.

You’ve probably heard 1,000 times by now that conversations are important. Customers expect conversation. Brands have become conversation. Ok, now what?

“Our results from using Get Satisfaction have exceeded our ongoing expectations and we’re extremely pleased.”

Aaron Patzer
Mint Founder & CEO

Realize that simply engaging your customers in conversation won't earn you a gold star and it won't make your customers happy. Conversations are everywhere these days, and it seems like the more everyone talks about conversations, the harder it is to start the ones that matter.

Conversations are raw materials; it’s what you do with them that matter. Get Satisfaction was built on the idea of not simply creating conversations, but creating value from conversations — for both companies and customers.

The Cure for Social Fatigue

It happened. The world went and got all “social.” Mom is on Facebook, the news is on Twitter and becoming the mayor of Starbucks is harder than actually becoming a mayor. It’s time to move on from flavor-of-the-week social media tactics and start focusing on real value. Get Satisfaction communities are not only good for the social media party line; they're a quantifiable boost to the bottom line.


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