quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

11 Predictions in 2011

From a perspective of a Brazilian guy that lives in a small state like Natal, here it is, the predictions for 2011 related to technology en internet in general:


1. Google acquired Wikileaks

2. Google Selling YouTube

3. Facebook acquire Yahoo

4. Brazil become the country with the best internet connection in the world

5. Boycott of Google by Americans

6. Bing becomes the number one search engine provided in North America

7. Santa Claus is sued by Americans

8. #SEOmEU goes public and it´s owner becomes #billionaire

9. Danilo Gentile announces his candidature for mayor in São Paulo City

10. Brazil have high speed internet free and accessible where ever the power lines can reach

11. Microsoft files chapter 11

If you find that funny, doubt it could happen or believe in at lesst one of my predictions please pass along to your friends and ask what they think...

Marry Crhistmas and Happy 2011...


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