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Build a SEO Site

It was such a glorious day for me when the light bulb finally went off and I first began to see the results from my hard work in the area of obtaining high rankings with the search engines. As I looked back on that day I realize it all began to happen for me when I developed a business plan and then worked my plan with every site that I built.

Let me first summarize the whole concept and then I'll go back and give you the details. My outline for getting high rankings with the search engines is as follows:


  • Do everything with Volume in mind....traffic, traffic, traffic
  • Focus on continuous targeting with every action you take
  • You must be constantly Testing and Tracking
  • Conversion
  • If you are doing all the above then you should see Success, if not then re-evaluate.


I'm going to be very brief here simply because I could actually write a book several hundred pages long on this subject. You first need to figure out how you are going to go about getting your share of all the traffic from the internet. There are the best ways to succeed at this, although there may be different variations on this...


  1. Create a search engine friendly blog or website. Give them what they want. Work within their guidelines. Don't try to cheat the system. Each search engine has a blog that you should visit and find out what the experts are saying. Tap into that free information and take action on what you discover. Play their game. Understand what they are looking for, which phrases you have and the "weighting" of these phrases, how much of a resource they see you as, how many good sites are linking to you, and how relevant they think your site is. Relevancy is the Google ethos.
  2. Directories. Get listed with as many as possible because this is a great source of free traffic that is also targeted. To do this effectively you will need to use a Directory Submitter.
  3. Links. Pay close attention to how you place them on your site. The anchor text is very critical. Don't direct your visitors to "click here". Use keywords in your link that reflect the content of where you are sending your visitors with the link. Take a close look at my links in this article to see what I mean.
  4. Content. I know that I may appear to be beating a dead horse, but so many people ignore the fact that content is still king.
  5. Advertising. Not every source of advertising is beneficial. Stay away from most of these sites that sell you so-called targeted traffic. Get traffic from reliable sources by first doing your research. In most instances if you Google the website you're considering you will usually find some page that has already been set up by a third party that already knows about the reliability of the site. Check it out.
  6. Joint Ventures and affiliate deals. In many cases this is done effectively by joining a social networking site and getting to know people from similar fields of business who are willing to work with you to promote your site in return for your assistance.


If you only have one site at this time then I want to encourage you to work on every aspect I have mentioned here on a daily basis. I guarantee you that you will begin to see the results very shortly. This is not a get rich quick process. It takes work. But if you're going to try your hand at it then you might as well do it right and get high rankings in the search engines.

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